Packaging Glass Virtues
Packaging Glass Virtues


The glass draws its strength from the ground. Consisting primarily of natural minerals (sand, limestone and soda ash), glass is a natural material that can seduce by its purity and nobility.


The glass withstands extreme conditions such as heat and cold. Inert and unalterable, glass is exceptionally resistant to atmospheric or chemical agents. These natural resistance makes glass a healthy material, and an ideal mineral for food industry packaging uses.


The glass packaging protects the product and increases its value. This glass transparency, colorless or tinted, reveals the inside content and the quality of the object, while allowing the customer to control the visual and proximity aspects of the product.

Noble material

Natural, waterproof, inert and neutral, the glass protects and maintain not only the quality of the content inside the object but also the nature. Indeed, glass does not present any danger for the environment.